My name is Sai Lao Poeng. I am from Yangon, Myanmar.

I am working in Singapore as Programmer + System Support. I use
1. Javascript + XUL (mozilla platform) build in Linux
2. PHP for cloud service and
3. Objective C in XCode for iPad app
for my current work. I am also families with .NET, ASP , C, C++, JAVA. I love using Sublime Text Editor for my javascript + XUL and PHP. And I also love my Mac Book Pro. :)  I just love to develop application. For more about my work experiences, please see my linkedin profile.

I am passionate in poetry and try to compose some poems (see my burmese poems blog and here is another). I also buy a lot of books and majority of them are about poetry, biography and short story. Reading and loving them. Music and Movies cannot escape my hobby either. Forget everything when searching for my favourite songs in Spotify and watch every movie seriously (my wife make a big fuss about it :P).

Lately I pick up a habit of running. Aiming and seriously training for half-marathon now. Turn out, it happens to be very expensive hobby, if you know what I mean. ☺

Needless to say, I love my wife and family.

I am a man carrying big dream. :D

Have a good day!