After Graduate

Last exam was finished in 30th of April. I was very tired after exam and there were lots of things waiting for me to do after the exam!!! :(

Finished of exams means “I’m graduated and have to start hunting jobs right now”. But it’s delay a week because i did  my personal things. :) . My jobs hunting started at 06 May. Still I am hunting jobs and fighting in interview with interviewer. :D

Meanwhile, I am trying to improve my skills including programming. At first, I thought of not doing part-time jobs for two month. If I am still unemployed within that two month, I have no choice but to work part-time jobs. Fortunately, I got part-time job offered from PhD student of my previous Project for master degree in NTU. I accepted it. I did that project for my master degree and all I have to do it to develop a tool for PhD student who researches in that fields. It’s concerned with java code analysis from security point of view. But It’s harder than I thinks and I am still figuring out for a week. Although I have to work only 10 hrs/weeks, I have to work more in order to produce desired result. I don’t care about the money for that project as he also help me in some other things.

So I am busy busy busy man after exam. I didn’t think of that situation before exam. That’s why I can’t write poems and also can’t update my poems blog. But for this blog, I give my time as it is like my diary. I will try to write poems and post them in my poems blog very soon I hope.

My convocation ceremony will be held in 31st of July, 2010 at 6pm. My mom will be arrive to Singapore 1 or 2 week(s) in advance of ceremony. We will visit as many place as we can. I wanna see my mom happy. I miss her as we don’t see each other about 1 year. I also miss my Dad too. Wishing for him to release. I also miss my native town, Yangon.

This year, I cannot go back to Yangon as my Mon is worrying for me. Maybe next year when things get better. Hope things get better next year. I pray for it.

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