Are you disappointing Starhub mobile internet speed?

Yes. I was disappointing about it until I found this forum last Thursday.

At first, I thought my mobile internet speed is slow because of my handset (Motorola Milestone). So I couldn’t do anything. But I was wrong. I found out that there are many people like me. ;)

Trick is very simple.
1. Go to “Setting > Wireless & Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Gee!3G/GPRS”
2. Clear Proxy and Port. (default setting is for proxy and 80 for port in case you need it back for some reasons)
3. Shut Down your phone and remove battery and SIM for 2 minutes (Actually, I didn’t need this step. As soon as I cleared proxy and port, it works immediately).

That’s it. :)
Now my phone internet speed is almost triple. I don’t know it’ll work with other handset or not because I don’t have any handset to test it. Please refer to above forum for more info.
Please NOTE that I don’t guarantee any and DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK. I’m just sharing my experiences.
Good luck.

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