Amazon EC2 Port Scanning Troubleshoot

Earlier this week, I got email from Amazon EC2 Abuse Team that my instance is reported that it has been port scanning remote hosts on the Internet. Oh yeah, that’s why my instance is terribly slow a few days back. I immediately login to the instance using ssh. When I run “uptime“, load average is […]

IOKit not found Error on XCode Version Upgrade (5.1) (SDK7.1)

Today when I was archiving my iOS app, I got Apple Mach-O -Liner error. But I can build and run on simulators with no problem. I realized I update my XCode to latested version yesterday. The problem is the same is this link except my XCode version is 5.1 and SDK is 7.1. I followed […]

UIScrollView Zooming Glitches…

The other days, I have been implementing app for my company. One of the parts of the app is image zooming. I am using UIScrollView and UIImageView for this. But when I tested with actual device which is on iOS 6, I found out that zooming caused so much glitches and after zooming, picture is […]

BIRT and Tomcat Timezone

Today, I found a problem in our report which is using BIRT. The problem is that all the datetime are using GMT time. As usual, I searched on Mr. Google and found a lot of answers such as: “passing __timezone in viewer” (No, I can’t pass __timezone because I am using API rather than viewer) […]

USB Recovery Using Clonezilla Live

It’s a long process for me to figure out “How to make USB Recovery using Clonezill Live” even if there is plenty of documentation and tutorial on internet. So I made this post people like me to create simple USB Recovery. Simple USB Recovery means plug in USB in target machine, boot from USB, press […]

November ipad app with sucking ios6

Unexpectedly I am writing ipad app. Unexpectedly I brought $99 apple developer program sponsor by my company. My company wants ipad app as “ordering terminal” to communicate with existing POS system. They expected to have it in one month! Nobody wants to do it so I, nosy to learn in technology, took it. So I […]

Configure Wireless@SGX using SSA(Seamless and Secure Access) on Linux.

It’s been a loooong time since the last post. Been busy and laaazzzyyyyy…. :) Trying to settle at my job; same old job; my first job in singapore. I cannot beleive I am at there for amost 1 year and 7 months. Today I wanna share with you how to configure Wireless@SGX on Linux as […]

Python Helps Me!!!

I was in trouble when I wanted my program to send email automatically as my program was writing in Javascript and XUL. You might all know that javascript has limited ability in sending email because of security feature. But for my program, it is not web application and I needed a feature to send mail […]


What am I doing these days? I am busy I might say. There were a lot of changes in last 3 months. I got a job. I got rejected for my employment pass by MOM. I got approved for my EP by MOM after 3 or 4 weeks of appealed. My mom came to Singapore […]

After Graduate

Last exam was finished in 30th of April. I was very tired after exam and there were lots of things waiting for me to do after the exam!!! :( Finished of exams means “I’m graduated and have to start hunting jobs right now”. But it’s delay a week because i did ┬ámy personal things. :) […]