ICS and Dropbox

Been using Official ICS on my HTC Sensation XE for two days and I am quite satisfied with it. The system is stable but I think responses become quite slow. It’s fine for me though. New features are awesome! I like “Face Unlock” the most. :) Their face detection system responses pretty fast under difference […]

ICS update

ICS update for htc sensation is up in the air today in Singapore. Now I am downloading…  Let’s see… :-)

Little photo testing

My new toy for these day is little photo app for android. It’s pretty good. Lots of effects and features. Additional plug in for 1 or 2 dollar – I can’t remember. But one of their new features – 4 eyes is not working for me – I don’t know why? May be because of […]

Are you disappointing Starhub mobile internet speed?

Yes. I was disappointing about it until I found this forum last Thursday. At first, I thought my mobile internet speed is slow because of my handset (Motorola Milestone). So I couldn’t do anything. But I was wrong. I found out that there are many people like me. ;) Trick is very simple. 1. Go […]

Editing “build.prop”

Today, I was busy trying to edit build.prop. As I am dummy on Android world or even in Linux, I was sweated. My head is spinning in google search. After several search and reading and failing, I success!!! :D Now I noted about it, just in case I need to ref these again. ( I […]

Currently Listening to …

2011 is unexpectedly busy for me. With both good and bad things. :)  For good things, I wrote more code on my work then supporting customers. I had learnt a lot when I was in Taiwan. For bad things, my phone – moto milestone – got crazy screen problem! It automatically touch, click and slide! […]

Motorola milestone

I brought this phone about week ago with starhub contract for 2years with student plan. One thing good about students plan is they give additional 100 minutes in your plan. They have other promotion. For example, if you pay with any dns credit card, you can get dock for this phone and bluetooth device. Which […]