What am I doing these days? I am busy I might say.

There were a lot of changes in last 3 months. I got a job. I got rejected for my employment pass by MOM. I got approved for my EP by MOM after 3 or 4 weeks of appealed. My mom came to Singapore for my convocation. My father is still in prison :( . I got a letter from bank requesting to pay back my loan. :D and many other things.

I am currently working as Programmer and System Support for AZ Digital Ple Ltd. It’s a small company with fast pace – retail business in POS (Point of Sales) machines . So I am super busy with all my work. What do I have to do in my job? My main project is installing POS machine in Takashimaya Food Hall, B2. Takashimaya is the biggest customer for our company. Installation is not that easy because they also need Backend for all POS machine. So networking, synchronization and maintaining standards and all other things came up. Now 32 POS already installed and using. Sometime I have to work until midnight both at home and at customer site. I remember one night, we have to go to Takashimaya at 2:30 AM!!! and work untile 6:30 AM. Also have to go down and work Sunday if needed. Not that easy huh? You know what? I don’t get OT fee or any other bonus for this. Only flat salary. God!!!

I have to go to Taiwan this month for training purpose arranging by my company. Actually, I have to develop one module together with Taiwan Software Team, from there – I can learn a lot.(Our one of the POS machine have software developed by Taiwan Software Team) I am looking for it because I am more interesting in developing software than supporting customer. Until now I had modified some program, develop some small module and add-on to meet customer need. And I understand most of the program structure now. But this trip will help me much more if they can guide me to my complete understanding. :)

After one year or so, I want to move on for my career. I don’t want to stuck there as programmer and support. I don’t see any promotion. I don’t see any progress. Everyday work – the same thing. New little to learn. Mostly solving problem of others. Little development. So I plan to move on. Maybe big company. Maybe small company with lot of interesting development.

Any other? nope. I am cool with my girlfriend. We start saving and you know what, we are planning to trip to Thailand next year or so. :) If we satisfy what we are doing, we are OK. More than OK. :)

Planning to update this blog frequently and I hope I can write poems once again. I haven’t update my poems blog such a long time. Really miss that kind of feeling. OK then, that all. see you soon.

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