IOKit not found Error on XCode Version Upgrade (5.1) (SDK7.1)

Today when I was archiving my iOS app, I got Apple Mach-O -Liner error.

ld: framework not found IOKit
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)

But I can build and run on simulators with no problem. I realized I update my XCode to latested version yesterday. The problem is the same is this link except my XCode version is 5.1 and SDK is 7.1. I followed the suggestions in that link and most other link I found in google and still I cannot fixed the problem. I still got error on IOKit framework not found.

Finally, thanks to my luck and above link, I can solve that problem successfully. Below is the steps I followed.
0) Copy IOKit.framework from /Applications/
to any locations (actually this steps is optional)
1) Click on “+” in Linked Frameworks and Libraries in XCode
2) Click on “Add Other…”
3) Locate IOKit.framework and then hightlight on it (View mode should be on third mode as in picture)
Screenshot 2014-03-27 15.32.38

4) Then select Version and then select A
5) Finally, select IOKit and then press “Open”.

IOKit is added to your project!! Finally, I can build and archive successfully! :)

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