November ipad app with sucking ios6

Unexpectedly I am writing ipad app. Unexpectedly I brought $99 apple developer program sponsor by my company. My company wants ipad app as “ordering terminal” to communicate with existing POS system. They expected to have it in one month! Nobody wants to do it so I, nosy to learn in technology, took it.

So I need to learn Objective C to develop ipad app. Learning Objective C is not hard as I though previously. If you are expert in C/C++, it is very easy to learn. And if you know the basic concept of MVC, then it is a lot easier! As my app is only a simple one, I think, I can learn pretty easy. Now over two weeks, i can say most functions of app are done. I don’t have much time for UI, so I used only existing library. Even these UI are good and very powerful.

What I like most about objective C is that they are derived from C/C++ . Its compiler can compile C++ program. It means as a nature of C programs, it can run lightly and smoothly. That’s why iPhone and ipad apps have greater graphic compare to android. Also memory management is far greater. It’s from the end-user point of view.

By the way, I am so upsetting current ios6. Yes! because of font fallback system! Normally, android and others go and find into a fallback font if they cannot find one character. But in ios6, it looks for one missing character into ALL other fonts!! Result is if you open somethings that contain Myanmar character, you have to wait until it finished searching. Unacceptably take long time. In my experience, Notes app crashed, Calendar app cannot open. Have to wait 5 minutes to show the first post of Facebook.

OK. Enough this time. I write again because I haven’t written long time. I try to push my self to write more frequently.

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