ICS and Dropbox

Been using Official ICS on my HTC Sensation XE for two days and I am quite satisfied with it. The system is stable but I think responses become quite slow. It’s fine for me though.

New features are awesome! I like “Face Unlock” the most. :) Their face detection system responses pretty fast under difference conditions and environments. The other new functions like “Data Usage” work fine. They do have feature called “Force GPU Rendering” option under Develop Option but I don’t see much difference between turning it on and off.

To my surprise, my most disliked application in ICS become “Talk”.  8-O Why? Because it doesn’t have sorting by availability in All friend. It has sort options for “most popular friends” in either “Availability” or “Recency”. But for “All Friend”, there is only one sort option: “Name”. :-( I need sort option for “All Friends” in “Availability” too. Of course there are lot of apps to replace “Talk” but ,you know what, I don’t wanna use other app to replace “Talk”. I still want to use “Talk” and still choice to use “Talk”. :roll:

I updated my phone from GB to ICS through OTA update. I make my phone S-OFF and even Rooted when I update through OTA and it was updated with no problem. But I had to restore to Stock Recovery before I applied OTA update. Oh I almost forget I got one error because I changed the system font previously. It seems that the update process checked all files in the system whether it is original or not by checksum. If some file is not original then you will get error. That also apply the concept of restoring the stock recovery before applying OTA update.

OK. After the update, my Android version become 4.0.3 with HTC Sense 3.6. The good news is that if you have HTC phone with at least sense version 3.5, you can get 3GB extra free space from Dropbox!!! All you have to do is to download their android app in your phone and sign in with your existing account (or sign up if you don’t have one). Then go to www.dropbox.com/gs using your phone browser. That’s it. You got 5GB for free on Dropbox (original 2GB + 3GB extra for HTC partner). But according to email from Dropbox, that 3GB is for 12 months only! I don’t exactly know what the meaning of it. :-)

And there are also plenty of ways to increase space in Dropbox. Most common is to invite friend with referee link. Another is to fulfill all step in www.dropbox.com/gs. And currently Dropbox is testing their new features and you can participate in that testing to get up to 3GB permanently. How to participate? Easy! Just turn on “Camera Upload” on your mobile dropbox app or on your desktop application. Once you upload 500MB, Dropbox will give you 500MB more. So to get 3GB, you have to upload 2.5GB of images or video! I don’t know how you gonna do it but hey, I already got 3GB from them by uploading 2.5GB! :-P

OK then, that’s enough for today. See you soon. Happily using ICS and Happy Dropboxing…. :)

ICS update

ICS update for htc sensation is up in the air today in Singapore. Now I am downloading… 


Let’s see… :-)

Configure Wireless@SGX using SSA(Seamless and Secure Access) on Linux.

It’s been a loooong time since the last post. Been busy and laaazzzyyyyy…. :) Trying to settle at my job; same old job; my first job in singapore. I cannot beleive I am at there for amost 1 year and 7 months.

Today I wanna share with you how to configure Wireless@SGX on Linux as my title say.

Wireless@SG and Wireless@SGX are free public wifi access points in most of public areas in Singapore. The difference between these two is that Wireless@SG doesn’t need pre-configuration, user just needs to connect to wifi and browse using browser in where log in is needed. Whereas Wireless@SGX can pre-configure so that users are not required to log in when they open browser. But you need to register in advace in one of three provider.

If you google about Wireless@SGX using SSA on linux, you may not find the clear solution for HOW to configure on Linux. Worse is all three providers of Wireless@SGX (iCell, SingTel and M1) do not provide instruction or user guide about it. They all have Window, Mac, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian and even Android. But not for any linux. Why? I really don’t know. You can see yourself on their websites. Here are these:
1. iCell
2. SingTel
3. M1

Okay, let’s see how to configure.

You need to have wicd in your Linux. I am using this wicd all the way. I don’t know about Network-Manager. But some say, with Network-Manager, PEAP with MSCHAPV2 may not stable. I don’t know. :P. To get wicd, here is command : apt-get install wicd

Since Wireless@SGX needs 802.1x with PEAP and MSCHAPV2, we need template for this configuration.
Creating a file in

with content:

name=PEAP with MSCHAPv2
version = 1
require username *Username password *Password

After that, type this:

echo "peap-mschapv2" >> /etc/wicd/encryption/templates/active

Now you can go to wicd, select wifi ->”Advance Settings”, choose “PEAP with MSCHAPV2″, input username and password.

You are done! Enjoy free public wifi with SSA. :)

Oh almost forget ;) hehe. I must admit that I got this solution from googling. All credit and thanks goes to this link:

see you soon.

Little photo testing



My new toy for these day is little photo app for android. It’s pretty good. Lots of effects and features. Additional plug in for 1 or 2 dollar – I can’t remember.

But one of their new features – 4 eyes is not working for me – I don’t know why? May be because of my phone settings. Other features work great for me.

Am I doing free ads? :-D
Anyway, I have fun with it.  :)

Are you disappointing Starhub mobile internet speed?

Yes. I was disappointing about it until I found this forum last Thursday.

At first, I thought my mobile internet speed is slow because of my handset (Motorola Milestone). So I couldn’t do anything. But I was wrong. I found out that there are many people like me. ;)

Trick is very simple.
1. Go to “Setting > Wireless & Network > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > Gee!3G/GPRS”
2. Clear Proxy and Port. (default setting is for proxy and 80 for port in case you need it back for some reasons)
3. Shut Down your phone and remove battery and SIM for 2 minutes (Actually, I didn’t need this step. As soon as I cleared proxy and port, it works immediately).

That’s it. :)
Now my phone internet speed is almost triple. I don’t know it’ll work with other handset or not because I don’t have any handset to test it. Please refer to above forum for more info.
Please NOTE that I don’t guarantee any and DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK. I’m just sharing my experiences.
Good luck.

Python Helps Me!!!

I was in trouble when I wanted my program to send email automatically as my program was writing in Javascript and XUL.
You might all know that javascript has limited ability in sending email because of security feature. But for my program, it is not web application and I needed a feature to send mail through SMTP, not using Outlook (mailto:) because I am using Linux OS. :)

I searched and searched and finally I found python. :D
Thanks to all online tutorials and blog that shared how to send mail using python script. I cannot list them because I don’t remember all and I read many many website. :) sorry for that.

I just write script file that accept parameters. And then from my program I call python and execute that script file given parameters. :) that all!!! How easy!!! I should have know early. :D

here is my script: (correct me if my code is wrong or missing something, so far it works fine)
import smtplib
import base64
import sys
filename = sys.argv[9]
fo = open(filename,"rb")
filecontent = fo.read()
encodedcontent = base64.b64encode(filecontent)
FROM = sys.argv[1]
TO = sys.argv[2]
body = sys.argv[3]
part1 = """From: %s
To: %s
Subject: %s
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary=%s
""" % (FROM,TO, sys.argv[4],marker, marker)
part2="""Content-Type: text/plain
""" % (body,marker)
part3 = """Content-Type: multipart/mixed; name=\"%s\"
Content-Disposition: attachment;filename=%s
""" % (filename,filename,encodedcontent,marker)
message = part1 + part2 + part3

This script take 9 parameters; as I called python to run this script, it becomes all together 10 parameters. This script itself is parameter[0]. This script accept attachment as my program needs it.
here is how to execute from my program.
self.execute("/usr/bin/python",[script_file, sender, receivers, body, subject, smtp_host, smtp_port, smtp_username, password, attach_file]);

Of course, self.execute is customized function. :)

That’s all for today. Oh By the way, happy birthday to me. :D LOL.

Editing “build.prop”

Today, I was busy trying to edit build.prop. As I am dummy on Android world or even in Linux, I was sweated. My head is spinning in google search. After several search and reading and failing, I success!!! :D
Now I noted about it, just in case I need to ref these again. ( I am a man of forgetting) :D

I am using adb from android sdk and of course my phone is rooted.
Command Lines that is not successful (but for later ref, i will keep in record):
adb shell
mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock1 /system
busybox mv /sdcard/build.prop /system/build.prop

One thing to remember is : when you type “su” in adb you need to give (allow) permission for superuser on your phone!!!
3rd line mount system into read/write
only problem is my /sdcard or /mnt/sdcard folder is emtpy! (although I plug my sdcard in my phone which connected to PC via USB ~~ adb will not work without present of my device.)
(If you want to check whether your phone is rooted or not, use “id” in adb shell. if id = 0 , it’s root)

So! another method.
I pull build.prop from /system folder. (actually I already got that file long ago in my sdcard)
adb pull /system/build.prop
Edit file using notepad or notepad++ in my PC
go into adb shell again, su it and change permission of /system/build.prop file with this code:
chmod 777 /system/build.prop
exit from adb (type exit twice)
Push build.prop into /system folder.
adb push build.prop /system
And, it’s done! :)
reboot your device is your final step.

At first, I cannot push (replace) because of file permission.
I spent long enough to figure out how to change permission. Stupid of me!
Actually I had learnt that in school but I had forgot these immediately. :P
Permission code are as followed:

    0 = no permission
    1 = Execute Only
    2 = Write Only
    3 = Write and Execute
    4 = Read Only
    5 = Read and Execute
    6 = Read and Write
    7 = Read, Write and Execute

And one file or folder has 3 type of user group
First one is Owner
Second is group
Third is other
So 3 levels of user and 8 mode of permission.

“chmod 760 myfile” means change myfile permission to “read,write and execute” for owner, “read/write” for group user and “no permission” for other.
User sequence is not interchangeable.

That’s all. It took me about almost two and half hours. :D
Thanks god I didn’t brick my phone. :)

Currently Listening to …

2011 is unexpectedly busy for me. With both good and bad things. :)  For good things, I wrote more code on my work then supporting customers. I had learnt a lot when I was in Taiwan. For bad things, my phone – moto milestone – got crazy screen problem! It automatically touch, click and slide! I thought it was virus at the first moment. But it is not! When I googled, I found out many forum presenting this problem. It’s like common problem. :x I sent it to service center last week and still waiting for their reply. :(  It is second time my phone got problem. The first time is no power on my phone, and it took about 1 week to repair. Hopefully I wish to get my phone back this weekend. Ah! this is not the things I want to talk about. I want to talk about music. OK! What am I listening these days?

There is not much new to my ear. I don’t know it is because of my age or it is because the songs nowadays are not good compare to past years. I wish it is because of my age. :)

21st Century Breakdown - Green Day Album ArtI’m still listening to Green Day – still my favorite band.  It’s been over a year their 21st Century Breakdown album had release but I am still listening to them. At first, I didn’t like it. I was still impressed with their “American Idiot” album which was released five year ago at that time. :) After I listened two or three time, I was starting to like 21st century and became my favorite album.

Danger Days - MCR Album ArtAnother band currently listening is My Chemical Romance. I like MCR since their “The Black Parade” in 2006. “The Black Parade” album is my all time favorite with very good symbolist lyrics. I am currently listening to their new album called “Danger Days: The True Live of the Fabulous Killjoys”. Wheooo… stupidly long name. :x The taste of this album is a little bit different from previous album.  They sang too lightly and un-seriously unlike previous album’s songs. For example: Na Na Na and Bulletproff Heart.  But not bad to listen when I am on the way to work. :) At least I may not sleepy on Train. And moreover, their MTVs for this new album suck! It looks funny also. My favorite songs in this album (I don’t wanna call this long stupid name) are summertime and s/c/a/r/e/c/r/o/w. Very good songs indeed.

Not to mention Linkin Park, all time my favorite.  But their new album “A Thousand Sand” didn’t last long to listen. It’s last only 3 or 4 months and then I got bored to listen. But their old album are still good and I’m still listening often.

The others songs are
1. Home –  David Byrne & Brian Eno (heard in “Wall Street – Money Never Sleep”. Like it very much. Becoming one of my “Top 25 Most Played” in my ipod.
2. The Only Exception – Paramore (only song I can feel from them. :) )

That’s all. Not much. That’s why I realize myself I become older and not much keen on new taste of music! Maybe. Maybe not. :D

I recommend to you to listen to these. I am advertising for free. LOL.

I can’t see a thing in the video
I can’t hear a sound on the radio
In stereo in the static age …”

(The Static Age by Green Day)

Have a good day!


What am I doing these days? I am busy I might say.

There were a lot of changes in last 3 months. I got a job. I got rejected for my employment pass by MOM. I got approved for my EP by MOM after 3 or 4 weeks of appealed. My mom came to Singapore for my convocation. My father is still in prison :( . I got a letter from bank requesting to pay back my loan. :D and many other things.

I am currently working as Programmer and System Support for AZ Digital Ple Ltd. It’s a small company with fast pace – retail business in POS (Point of Sales) machines . So I am super busy with all my work. What do I have to do in my job? My main project is installing POS machine in Takashimaya Food Hall, B2. Takashimaya is the biggest customer for our company. Installation is not that easy because they also need Backend for all POS machine. So networking, synchronization and maintaining standards and all other things came up. Now 32 POS already installed and using. Sometime I have to work until midnight both at home and at customer site. I remember one night, we have to go to Takashimaya at 2:30 AM!!! and work untile 6:30 AM. Also have to go down and work Sunday if needed. Not that easy huh? You know what? I don’t get OT fee or any other bonus for this. Only flat salary. God!!!

I have to go to Taiwan this month for training purpose arranging by my company. Actually, I have to develop one module together with Taiwan Software Team, from there – I can learn a lot.(Our one of the POS machine have software developed by Taiwan Software Team) I am looking for it because I am more interesting in developing software than supporting customer. Until now I had modified some program, develop some small module and add-on to meet customer need. And I understand most of the program structure now. But this trip will help me much more if they can guide me to my complete understanding. :)

After one year or so, I want to move on for my career. I don’t want to stuck there as programmer and support. I don’t see any promotion. I don’t see any progress. Everyday work – the same thing. New little to learn. Mostly solving problem of others. Little development. So I plan to move on. Maybe big company. Maybe small company with lot of interesting development.

Any other? nope. I am cool with my girlfriend. We start saving and you know what, we are planning to trip to Thailand next year or so. :) If we satisfy what we are doing, we are OK. More than OK. :)

Planning to update this blog frequently and I hope I can write poems once again. I haven’t update my poems blog such a long time. Really miss that kind of feeling. OK then, that all. see you soon.

Motorola milestone

I brought this phone about week ago with starhub contract for 2years with student plan. One thing good about students plan is they give additional 100 minutes in your plan. They have other promotion. For example, if you pay with any dns credit card, you can get dock for this phone and bluetooth device. Which are awesome and save me about 100 bucks. :-) still don’t know how much bill will cost. Let’s see!