Thunderbird RSS Feed as Simple Text

I am sure everyone knew Mozilla Thunderbird is not only a mail client but also a RSS Feed reader. And if you are configuring RSS Feed of your favorite blog or website in Thunderbird and found out that this RSS Feed is loaded as web page — not as simple text, here is the solution:

  1.   Go to Tools –> Options –> Advanced –>Config Editor.
  2.   If you are prompted a warning message, just process.
  3.   Search for in Search bar on top.
  4.   Change the value “0” to “1” (default is “0”).

After changing this, your RSS Feed will be shown as simple text.

The reason I want to show my RSS Feed as simple text but not a web page is that, the web page or blog has many many unnecessary things such as widgets, list of most recent post, etc and even worst adv! And I also feel loading time is slower. If I want to see such list and advertisement and widgets, I would go to their website directly from my browser. All I want to see is content ONLY. :) Moreover, the option “By default, show article summary instead of loading the web page” from News Feeds–>Settings, is not working as expected. So I need to go into the config and edit the settings.

I hope it’ll help who have same issue with me.

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